15th anniversary of our law firm / 50th birthday of the senior partners Martin and Michael

Last Sunday, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of our law firm as well as the 50th birthday of the senior partners Martin and Michael with perfect weather with a pleasant jazz brunch at the Biohof in Zug. We enjoyed delicious food and drinks to the musical accompaniment of the Swanee River Jazz Band.

Fact Finding Mission

An Indonesian Delegation of more than 30 Person visited Muume and HütteLAW.

A delegation of more than 30 persons visited on 8th of November 2018 Muume and HütteLAW. Participants were the Indonesian Ambassador as well as representatives from the Indonesian Financial Supervisory Board, several Indonesian Banks and also Indonesian companies in order to evaluate how Business is done in Switzerland.

Beside visiting the National Bank, The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), Crypto Valley Association and several companies in the IT, Blockchain and herewith related industry the delegation was briefed by HütteLAW about the legal effects when doing business in Switzerland. We are proud that we have had the chance to offer an insight in the advantages of doing business here in Switzerland and what effect it has that Crypto Valley has been created.

Beside Muume (cashless payment and affiliate solutions) and HütteLAW, there was an insight granted into Cryptostage (ICO enabler) and Cryptolounge (cryptotrading enabler).

Martin Hütte

Legal Lounge June 28, 2018 "Contract culture in Eastern Europe"

It would be a pleasure for us to meet you at our Legal Lounge an June 28, 2018 regarding "Contract culture in Eastern Europe"


Legal Lounge May 28, 2018 "EU data protection basic regulation - DSGVO"

It would be a pleasure for us to meet you at our Legal Lounge on May 28, 2018 "EU data protection Basic Regulation - DSGVO"


Vernissage June 28, 2018

It is our pleasure to invite you to the Vernissage of Anaïs Stupka on Thursday, June 28, 2018.


Free Online-Webinar

How to successfully enter the swiss market?

Selling products and Services in Switzerland

Free Online-Webinar, Wednesday, September 28, 2016


M&A Insurance

Imagine, your selling counterpart in a M&A transaction is not at all liquid, or is even a holding company that intends to be liquidated within short. Even the strongest agreement with tremendous “representations and warranties” is not worth one dime, if the debtor is no more existing or not able (or willing) to fulfil its financial obligations. How to solve such an issue? Both buyer and seller can have a huge interest to sort out this situation in order to get valuable reps and warranties or to keep the purchase price on a reasonable level.

Read more here.

China Direct Overseas Investment - Risk Analysis And Prevention

CONSULEGIS, the international network of independent law firms, in-house lawyers and related professional advisors in more than 45 countries, presents:


October 20, 2016, 4:00pm

Find the Details here.

The program features lawyers from around the world who will address China’s direct overseas investment in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. 

For further information, please see attached document and get registered with the online registration tool.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact directly Anke Brauns (brauns@consulegis.com), Managing Director CONSULEGIS, or Martin Huette and we look forward to seeing you at the CONSULEGIS International Business Meeting in Shanghai! 

Feel free to share this information with your business contacts.

Registration is needed and should be done until September 15, 2016!

All the very best.

Martin Hütte is a new board member of Consulegis EEIG



Martin Hütte was elected as new board member of the 9-member delegation of the Consulegis Board on Friday, May6, 2016. Together with 8 colleguas from Germany, France, England, USA and Mexiko he plans the activities of the International Bar Association Consulegis EEIG a network of over 1700 attorneys in more than 45 countries.



Report European Regional Meeting 2016 in Lucerne


Report European Regional Meeting 2016 in Lucerne//

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